Saturday, May 1, 2010

Human Campaign: Map 5

Well, now. This mission takes you deep into Elwynn Forest, a location that should be familiar to every WoW player. Except here, you won't find wolves to grind or fetch quests to complete.

Here we go again.

This mission introduces the human knight, the fastest and strongest unit that you can train. To build a knight in your barracks, you'll need two key buildings: the blacksmith and the stables. So you won't be able to use them right away. Until you have a barracks, you'll need to rely on archers to defend your town. The footmen become obsolete and barring limited resources in a dire situation, you should never need to train them again.

Chopping the trees.

There are three mines near your town. And by the end, if you plan to research everything, you'll need all three. The closest mine is directly south of town and is blocked by trees, forcing your peasant to walk all the way around. Set your peasants to chop a path through the trees.

Set up a wall of archers.

As you explore with your knight, you'll see that the map is divided by trees into two distinct halves. There's a tiny opening where the orcs cross over to your side of the map. Set up archers to put an end to the orc raids.

The clerics reveal the orc stronghold.

The church now allows you to research holy vision, which reveals the shroud piece by piece. You'll find the orc town at the top-left corner of the map. It's guarded by numerous spearmen and raiders. As you reveal more shroud, you'll see that the orcs love to cluster units near the barracks before sending them to their death at your archer wall.

The spearmen standing at the road intersections are default town defenders. This means if they die, the computer won't replace them.

The orcs have a cluster of spearmen.

South of the town, you'll find a group of spearmen. The trick to get rid of them is with a set of knights. Grab some knights to incite the spearmen. Then, pull them back so your archer wall can help the knights take them out. Heal with your clerics.

The archers make short work of the orc melee units.

Repeat this to kill the raiders, necrolytes, and town guards. Eventually, the town will only be left open to attack. By this time, both gold mine should have collapsed. So send your peasants to the mine at the lower left corner of the map.


All you really need are four knights, any surviving archers you have, and your clerics. Send everybody into the orc town and start trashing things. The orcs may have a few raiders or grunts scattered around the mine. So concentrate the knights on the raiders and use your clerics to keep healing.

The humans triumph over the orcs.

You should end up with a few surviving troops when the battle comes to an end. Hopefully, you've been training more knights back at your town and can send them in as reinforcements. In the town, destroy the orc barracks first to stop orc reinforcements. Then, take out the temple to stop necrolytes from being trained. After that, destroy the town hall and place a unit on the ruins so the peons can't rebuild. The rest is easy.

Next Time: Northshire Abbey gets attacked by some evil humans dressed in red. No, not Stromgarde.