Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Orc Campaign: Map 2

The primary difference between this map and the previous one is that human archers now patrol the woods around your town. Additionally, all of the enemies on the map will attack your town, one by one. You win the scenario when all the humans have been slain.

There is a gold mine directly north of the town, so get your economy going!

The peons are hard at work.

It's silly to wait around for the humans to attack. The fastest solution is to build an army of grunts and go hunting for the humans.

Die, human!

As you send the grunts around the map to engage the humans, you'll notice that the orcs don't say much. Their language consists of growls and groans. Longtime fans of the series know that 'zug zug' is a common orcish saying. But the orcs didn't start saying 'zug zug' until Warcraft II. Random fact, I know.

The grunts easily defeat the humans.

Occasionally, the humans will attack your town while your grunts are hunting. Just train some orc spearmen and leave them around the perimeter of your town.