Thursday, November 26, 2009

Orc Campaign: Map 8

Ah. It's another indoor mission. This time, you've been sent to Northshire Abbey to rescue Garona the half-orc. The character Garona plays a big role in Warcraft lore, such as the betrayal of the Shadow Council, the love child with Medivh, the friendship with King Llane, etc. But here, she's just "the female orc who's not Griselda."

Brigands immediately attack your wolf-riders!

Turn down the game speed because two brigands will immediately attack your raider and bring his health to the red. To avoid this, maneuver all three raiders north so they can kill the brigands faster and minimize the damage taken. A few more brigands and archers will engage your raiders so move the grunts and spearmen out of the corridor. Since you can't heal, the mission will require you to keep your troops alive as much as possible. If any of your units perish, restart the mission.

Raise the enemy corpses with your necrolytes.

Break down the abbey doors.

You'll face a variety of enemies in Northshire Abbey, including slimes, skeletons, brigands, ogres, archers, and scorpions. You'll also battle a 'boss' of sorts at the end. So try to keep as many raiders alive as possible. Move your troops to the west and break down the door.

Your skeletons have a limited lifespan, so use them to scout the map.

Use skeletons as expendable scouts.

Enter the caves to the east and you'll be ambushed by slimes. If you have skeletons, it's good to have them fight the slimes to preserve your main army's health. Otherwise, use a combination of raiders and spearmen and focus your attack on one slime at a time.

Slime attack!

Throughout the mission, the enemies on the map will proactively attack your army one by one. Don't scatter your army because they'll catch you off-guard. Instead, keep your army in one place so you can quickly kill the attackers.

Throughout the map, you'll find peons imprisoned in rooms. You can kill them and raise them as skeletons. They serve no other purpose since there are no resources to mine or buildings to construct.

Rescue peons to use as fodder for skeletons.

Your necrolytes are truly the most important unit on this map because you can use dark vision to scan the map. Garona is in the upper-right corner of the abbey, guarded by a powerful fire elemental. Garona is also near death, so rescuing her will not be easy.

Send the rest of your army north and then break down the door to the west. You'll reach a large room filled with archers. Some of these archers may have already engaged your army. Otherwise, you can lure the archers one by one with a raider and kill them with skeletons/spearmen. Clean out the room and then set up a vertical wall of spearmen.

Garona is guarded by a dangerous fire elemental.

Garona and the fire elemental are in a room directly east. Take care not to approach Garona because the fire elemental will kill her and end the mission. Instead, send a raider to the door and inch forward until the fire elemental chases after him. The fire elemental attacks by standing next to a unit and 'exploding.' So use the raider as a diversion while the spearmen shoot her down.

Approach Garona and then move everyone back to the entrance of Northshire Abbey. Keep an eye on Garona and make sure she doesn't wander into any unexplored areas. There may still be stray skeletons or ogres roaming the map. Once Garona touches the arrows, you'll be victorious.

Wait for the fire elemental to come to you.

The alternate (boring) way to win this level is to keep all of your units clustered in the hallway but move the spearmen to the front. The enemies on the map will very slowly arrive at your location one by one and get shot down. The last unit on the map will be the fire elemental but your troops should be strong enough to bring her down. Then, just send a unit to Garona's room and bring her to the exit. There will be no enemies to worry about.

But where's the fun in that?

Lead Garona to safety.

Next Time: Two towns are better than one. Thankfully, you also have two gold mines.