Friday, April 23, 2010

Human Campaign: Map 2

The mission objectives are different this time around. You have to defend the town from all enemies. Basically, there are a bunch of orc units scattered around the map. Every 60 seconds or so, one of them will come and attack your town.

Your humble town.

Send the starting units to the northwest and you'll face your first grunt. This will buy you some time to train peasants and build more farms.

The soldiers defeat an orc.

After a few more orc attacks, you should have a barracks built. Train more footmen and scatter them around your town.  The orcs almost always come from different directions but you can see them coming on the minimap. If you're feeling adventurous, you can train a squad of four and send them to hunt down the remaining orcs before it's their turn to attack your town.

Guard your town.

The enemy spearmen love to attack your peasants at the gold mines. This is annoying because whenever a peasant gets attacked, he'll panic and run. You'll need to grab them and manually direct them to resume working. Station one or two archers here to protect them.