Thursday, November 26, 2009

Orc Campaign: Map 10

Welcome to a short and easy mission. 

A massive invasion.

You start with a massive army. Your goal is to destroy a heavily fortified human town to the north. If you simply grab all your troops and send them north, 75-80% of the time, you'll win. But you can raise the chances to 99% by utilizing the warlocks. Immediately summon spiders with all of your warlocks and send them north. The spiders will scout the entire map for you.

The spiders soften the human defenses.

Once they reach the town, they'll throw the human defenders into a chaotic frenzy. Conjurers will waste their rain of fire on the spiders and have none left to summon scorpions. Catapults will accidentally shoot friendly units. Clerics will use up their magic.

Some of the knights may try to attack you at your starting location. But as long as you don't change your starting formation, the catapults and spearmen will kill them. Have the warlocks summon another set of spiders and keep applying the pressure.

The orcs catch the humans unprepared.

Now grab your grunts and have them follow the spiders. Don't worry about selecting a specific target in the north. Just grab a group of four and click on the red mass using the minimap. Repeat this for the spearmen, catapults, and raiders. Send the warlocks and necrolytes last. This sends your army north in a neat line. You can give more specific orders to the grunts and spearmen once you get closer to the bridge.

Kill, kill!

Most of your grunts and raiders will be killed in the battle. But at the end of it all, you should end up with a small group of injured but deadly troops. Your warlocks and necrolytes should still be alive since they were at the end of the line. Continue summoning spiders and raising skeletons to keep the humans busy.

The human town is reduced to rubble.

The catapults will take care of the rest.

Next Time: Goldshire and Moonbrook stand in your way. Not for long.